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Have fun with this free 3D endless run about a starship!
Take control of your starship and drive fast! Dodge obstacles, jump with ramps, warp the time, destroy!
Plus, in this 3d free game, be careful when you run or you could fall down! Complete all the missions and don’t lose the rhythm: feel the dynamic music, that depends on your speed! Drive fast and accumulate score!

♦More than one hundred different missions!
♦Create your perfect starship, upgrading all the components(frames,reactors, etc..)!
♦3D physic!
♦Completely free! No ads or banner!
♦Dynamic music!

♦Really easy controls:
•Tilt your phone to steer!
•Tap on the right side of the screen to use turbo!
•Tap on the left side of the screen to brake!

Can you complete all 150 missions?

Run into the fun with the immersive 3d gameplay and the rousing music!
Hold your phone, tilt it and avoid obstacles while running ,collect power up, brake, use the turbo and set your record!
There are only two rules: don’t let fall down the starship and do not explode while driving!
An extremely fun endless run 3d game completely free! Are you ready to play?

Starship Run Icon