Wow, that's a lot!
Antistress - Relaxation toys
2 Player games: the Challenge
Banquet for a King
Banquet for a King
Firmament - Realize your goals
Hand Draw
Pick Pick Banner
Pick Pick
Drawing Mistakes Camera
Drawing Mistakes Camera
15 Rings Banner
15 Rings
Run Twist Banner
Run Twist
Englobed Banner
Rebus in Italiano Banner
Rebus in Italiano
Character Design Banner
Character Design Generator
Round Battle Banner
Round Battle
Red is Bad Banner
Red is Bad
Run Ball Game Banner
Run Ball Game
Starship Run Banner
Starship Run
Speedy Swipe Banner
Speedy Swipe
Rocket Mayhem Banner
Rocket Mayhem

Welcome to my home!

Check my games and apps, you are watching Jindoblu’s home page. Download games and apps for free and let me know if you liked them. You can write me an email at [email protected] for every doubt and I’ll reply in a few minutes: I’m open to any questions. When I discovered Unity 3D I started publishing games for Android, and by now I have these titles under my belt, all made in my free time. In 2017 I managed to grab an Apple license, so now you can play my latest games with your iPhone or iPad!

Pssst... Jindoblu is not a dog but a young and handsome guy called Moreno Maio... but don't tell anyone!