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Welcome to Round Battle, a fresh 3D isometric shooting game! Defeat your opponents with a bunch of weapons in various 3D battle arenas, push them off and win the match! In the spirit of “beat ‘em up” games, you have to fight your enemies shooting to them and dodging their lethal weapons! A 3D brawl game, mixed with action and shooter genres to give you a fun isometric game.

►Shooting action game
►Customizable characters!
►Fight with hats!
►Isometric 3D graphic
►All the Beat ‘em up brawl game fun
►A lot of weapons!
►A lot of levels!

You will have to use bombs, lasers, icing rays, mines, shotguns and much more to win the game! Enter the brawl and fight without rules, learn to master the isometric levels to discover hidden passages or safe keeps.

This 3D isometric action shooting game should run smooth on every phone, even the older ones!♫
Play for free and have fun!!!

Round Battle Icon