FIRMAMENT - Realize your goals


Lay on your bed, open the app and look at the Firmament. Do you see all that stars that shine in the sky?
Those are wishes from the people from all over the world. And what about you? Do you have a desire or a secret dream you want to realize?
Set your goal and create your personal star in the heaven. Make it shine bringing to it your attentions every day.
Don’t forget your motivation, otherwise if you won’t put enough efforts to fulfill your wish, it will never become reality. You have to work hard to realize your goals.
Take your time just before sleep and start your meditation about your wish. Consider why you have that desire and if you really have the willpower to realize it.
You can also have a look to people desires from all over the world that bring light to the Firmament! Meet the caretaker of the Observatory and let him help you realizing your life’s goals.
Stay motivated thinking about your goals shining in the sky, among thousands of dreams of people from all over the world and work hard to realize your objectives.

♦ Raise your motivation looking at other people’s goals in the Firmament
♦ Get rid of an habit, or improve your lifestyle
♦ Focus on your goals
♦ Keep your productivity high!

The Firmament it’s a perfect place for meditation, quiet and peaceful. Think about your wish or your secret dream and focus your attention on it: it won’t be difficult because you can open the Firmament at any time of your day. But remember to make it a habit, this way you will improve your motivation about fulfilling your goals every single day. Just miss one day and your star will be weakened, miss one week and you have failed to realize your wish!

You can use this app to:

♦ Get rid of a bad habit (smoking for example)
♦ Improve your skills (exercising every day for example)
♦ Focus on your productivity (writing at least one page per day of your book)
♦ Keep your motivation up about a task (go to gym every week to have beautiful six-pack)
♦ Have a quick meditation about your dreams (why do you want to become a doctor so badly?)

So, whatever you want to raise your productivity, build a habit, focus on your wish, this app will be a precious ally! Let the caretaker of the observatory guide you through your voyage to the motivation, and know that you’ll never be alone! In fact, every star that shines in the sky of the Firmament represents the desire of a person expressed somewhere in the world! Have a look to discover people’s dreams!

Firmament – Realize your goals!